"Everyone should have therapy at least once in their lifetime"

Low mood and anxiety are everyday problems that any of us can experience at any age. But these feelings can get better, without medication, with a short course of NHS treatment. 

NHS Talking Therapies is a discreet service which can give you evidence-based techniques to use when things get difficult that you can use to start feeling better again.

Life changes such as adjusting to retirement or finding that caring for a loved one is affecting your own wellbeing can mean you need support for the first time.

Getting help early on can stop things getting worse put you in a better frame of mind to deal with any practical problems life puts your way and manage your physical health too.

How you may be feeling

  • Trouble sleeping
  • On-edge or worrying too much
  • Low or unmotivated
  • Lacking a sense of purpose
  • Low self-confidence or negative beliefs about yourself
  • Avoiding situations that cause distress


Peter's story: "Seek help when you need it, sooner rather than later"

Peter had spent years getting by with a constant feeling of unease and dread, worrying about things that could go wrong. When he experienced physical health difficulties he finally felt it was time to come to NHS Talking Therapies. 

Peter explains: "What surprised me most about therapy is that it was talking to someone who understood the problems that people go through. Once I'd taken the first step and got over that embarrassment it was easy to continue to complete the course. Therapy's changed things for me. I realised I was worrying about something that was extremely unlikely to happen and I don't get stressed. 

"I waited 40 years to get treatment. Seek help when you need it, sooner rather than later, I have suffered with my phobias for 40 years. would you do that normally? I've had a bad knee for 2 years. I've had it sorted"

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Waiting times

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If you’ve already been referred to NHS Talking Therapies or are being supported by NHS Community Mental Health Services, please don’t start a new referral. You can contact us for an update on 0300 365 2000.