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If you prefer to speak to a therapist directly either by phone, video call or in-person, and you’re registered with a GP in Berkshire, you can access Talking Therapies by completing the form below: 

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You can contact our team if you have any questions about your referral or our services:

Call 0300 365 2000 or Email

Mental wellbeing support for NHS and care staff

If you work in NHS or social care and you live or work in Berkshire, you can access a free, confidential psychological support service for staff, called Wellbeing Matters.

Find out more on the Wellbeing Matters website (opens a new browser tab)

Online therapy you can start today 

You can also access our online CBT therapy programmes from SilverCloud. Simply click the link below to complete our online form and follow the email instructions to set up your account.

Once you have set up your account (this takes around 15 minutes) you can get started on the programme you have chosen. You will be supported via online reviews every couple of weeks, while you work your way through the modules. You will have your first review within a few days, where we will explain more about how it all works. You're able to choose which therapy programme would suit you best.

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If any point during the online course you or your supporter think that a different treatment option would be better for you then we can arrange this for you too.

If you have already completed your referral and are trying to access your SilverCloud account, please log in to

Self-help resources

If you’re unsure about how to talk to your GP about your mental health or any challenges you’re having, the Mental Health Foundation have guides to help you.

Find guides from the Mental Health Foundation website (opens a new browser tab) 

We also have many self-help resources and information sheets that may be useful in helping you understand your situation, or support a loved one experiencing difficulties. These resources are available to everyone, and you can access them at any time

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