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How to cut back on alcohol for your mental health

Sometimes drinking can 'creep up' on us and we find ourselves drinking more than we'd like - and too often

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How therapy can relieve IBS

Therapy can treat the physical symptoms of IBS. But that doesn’t mean its all in your head.

Wellbeing for new and soon-to-be parents

Having a baby is life changing. Read our tips on how to maintain your wellbeing while you adjust.

Five ways to get more active

Exercise is important for our mental health. Here's our tips to help you get motivated.

Close up of Noor, article author

I am from a diverse background. Is therapy for me?

Our therapist Noor explains how we support people from diverse backgrounds.

Five ways to improve your sleep

Whether you have trouble getting to sleep or staying asleep, here's our tips for getting forty winks.

How to handle exam stress

Here's our tips to help you feel calmer and more in control during exam season.

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Five tips for managing grief and loss

Our counsellor Michele describes how grief and loss can affect you and gives advice on managing and seeking help

Working from home

How to improve wellbeing when working from home

With blurred boundaries between work and home life, read our top tips to improve your wellbeing.

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Watch: "I waited 40 years before asking for support"

Peter explains how having talking therapy treatment has made a difference to his phobias

Watch: "I thought therapy would be like in the movies"

Amedeo explains how therapy helped him learn skills to make positive changes in his life.

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Five signs of anxiety to watch out for

Some of the signs of stress and anxiety be subtle to begin with, but you can still get treatment and support to stop things progressing

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Mental health and the menopause

Talking therapy can treat the physical and mental symptoms of the menopause.

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How breathing can reduce stress and anxiety

Thinking about trying mindful breathing to manage stress? Read our blog to find out how

Watch: “Therapy has made me see life in a different way"

Diana describes how getting therapy helped her change her perspective for the better.

Watch: "I had this big fear of being judged"

Marrium was reluctant to start therapy but she is so glad that she took that first step

Doing good does you good

Being kind to others is good for your own wellbeing. Why not try some random acts of kindness?

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How to manage virtual meeting fatigue

Find our top tips on managing the overwhelm caused by too many virtual meetings.

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Five ways to boost your motivation

We all experience times when we feel low. Our therapist Shannon shares five top tips to help with motivation

Managing Stress

Five ways to keep your stress under control

We all have stress but here's our top tips for managing when things feel too much.

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Four ways to feel more in control of your worries

Do you find yourself lost in thought spirals of worries? Try our four tips to keep worries in check...

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Five reasons to seek therapy in later life

As we age, life brings its own unique set of challenges such as health concerns, retirement or loneliness..